20 Days Eastern Turkey and Black Sea Tour

Day 1- Istanbul

After arrival Istanbul Airport, We will pick you up from airport and transfer to hotel, the remaining of the day is your free time to explore the city on your own.

Overnight in Istanbul.

Day 2- Istanbul- Walking City Tour ( B / L )

Breakfast then fully Guided Istanbul Old City Walking Tour which we will visit Topkapi Palace (closed on Tuesdays),  Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Museum  (closed on Mondays), Grand Bazaar (closed on Sundays).

Overnight in Istanbul

Day 3- Cappadocia- North Tour ( L )   

Early morning we will pick you up from your hotel then transfer to Istanbul Airport and flight to Cappadocia, arrival then we will start a full day guided tour of Northern Cappadocia. We will visit the monastic complex of Goreme Open Air Museum with its astonishing rock-hewn architecture and vibrant frescoes; Uchisar Castle, the highest point of the rocky region; the lunar landscape of Devrent  Valley; the lovely town of Avanos and famous for its pottery and painted tiles in Turkey; Pasabag Valley, which has some of the most stunning fairy chimneys in Cappadocia, Cavusin, an old Christian village and Urgup’s fairy chimneys. End of the tour transfer to hotel and overnight stay in Cappadocia.

Day 4 – Cappadocia -South Tour ( B / L ) 

*Balloon Flight is Highly Recommended

After Breakfast at your hotel we will depart for a full day guided tour of Southern Cappadocia beginning with Pigeon Valley, where you see thousands of pigeon houses lining the steep cliffs. A visit to one of the extraordinary underground cities Derinkuyu or Kaymakli. At Selime Village you will be astonished by the beautiful churches carved out of the volcanic rocks. Visit Ihlara Valley, the most  beautiful valley in Cappadocia. At the end of your tour, you will take a bus to Ankara which will take about four hours, arrival and transfer to your hotel, Overnight in Ankara.

Day 5- Ankara ( B )

Breakfast at your Ankara hotel then it will be your free day on your own, you can explore the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations and other ancient attractions, discover the remains from the Stone and Neolithic ages and learn about the Hittites, Phygians and Urartians. You can also visit the Citadel of Ankara and Ataturk Mausoleum, ‘’ Anitkabir’’. You can walk along the historical markets of Samanpazari, walk by historical Turkish Parliment House and have a coffee or lunch break at Tunalihilmi street then you may go to Karum Mall then do some shopping on your own.You will have a remarkable day in Ankara on your own. Overnight in Ankara.

Day 6 – Ankara to Mt. Nemrut – Urfa

Early morning we will pick you up from your hotel, transfer to airport and flight to Adiyaman, on arrival, you will be met by the guide then we will visit the magnificent funerary monument at the peak of Mt Nemrut which stands as a testament to an ancient king’s ambition. From Nemrut we continue to the massive Ataturk Dam straddling the mighty river Euphrates, and on to Sanlıurfa, the ancient city of prophets.

Overnight in Sanlıurfa.

Day 7 – Gobekli Tepe – Diyarbakir ( B )

Breakfast at your hotel then we will proceed to the on-going archaeological excavation area at Göbekli Tepe. So far Gobekli Tepe is known as one of the most important and oldest archaeological site in the world. We will drive to Diyarbakir which is an ancient settlement in the world. It is one of the most important and developed city in Eastern Turkey which is famous for its ancient city walls; constructed by the Romans, the current walls, built of massive black basalt blocks, the longest defensive wall in the world. Overnight Diyarbakir.

Day 8 – Mardin – Hasankeyf – Tatvan ( B )

Breakfast at your hotel then we will depart from Diyarbaki to Mardin which is located on a high hill overlooking to the plains of southern Turkey. We will visit Deir-Al-Zafaran (the Saffron Monastery),centre of the Syrian Orthodox Patriarchy which is still an active monastery. The site of the Saffron monastery has been a sacred place for thousands of years. We will drive to Hasankeyf, situated by the Tigris River; soon to be submerged under the flood waters of a new dam on the Tigris. After visiting Hasankeyf we will drive to Tatvan which will take about four hours. Overnight in Tatvan.

Day 9 – Akdamar – Van ( B )

After breakfast we will drive to near Akdamar Island where we visit the beautifully restored 10th Century Armenian Church of the Holy Cross or Sourp Khach. Then we will drive back to Van city then Overnight in Van.

Day 10 – Van – Hosap ( B )

After having breakfast at the hotel we will drive to south along a branch of the Silk Road to visit Hosap Castle. The main castle of Hosap, built straddling the Silk Road which was used to protect the road and a point of charging tolls from the travellers in old days. After visiting Hosap we will drive back to Van to visit old Citadel of Van to watch the sun set over Lake Van. Overnight in Van.

Day 11 – Dogubeyazit – Ararat – Kars ( B )

After having breakfast we will depart from Van for Dogubeyazit where we will visit the spectacular Ishak

Pasha Palace then we will drive to Mt Ararat which is one of the biggest natural spectacles of the world.

Mt.Ararat consists of two peaks, Ararat traditionally is associated with the mountain on which Noah’s Ark came to rest at the end of the Flood. The name Ararat, as it appears in the Bible, is the Hebrew equivalent of Urardhu, the Assyro-Babylonian name of a kingdom that flourished between the Aras and the Upper Tigris rivers. After visiting Mt Ararat we will drive to Kars and Overnight in Kars.

Day 12 – Kars – Ani ( B )

After breakfast at your hotel in Kars we will drive to Ani to spend the morning at the former capital of the great medieval Armenian Kingdom. The remains of the ruined city include several churches as well as the shell of the Cathedral of Ani, the citadel and a mosque along with an extensive and well preserved defensive wall. Overnight in Kars.

Day 13 – Kars – Erzurum ( B )

Breakfast then we will depart for Erzurum by passing through Sarikamis along the gorge of the river Aras and Cobandede bridge and we will reach to Erzurum. Overnight in Erzurum.

Day 14 – Erzurum to Trabzon ( B )

After breakfast at your hotel in Erzurum then the driver will drop you to bus station and you will take a bus to Trabzon which will take about five hours, arrival and transfer to your hotel and overnight in Trabzon.

Day 15- Trabzon- City Tour ( B )

Breakfast at the hotel then depart for St. Sophia Church/Mosque, a 13th century church and see its extraordinary collections of Byzantine frescoes, depart for Gulbahar Hatun Mosque, Castle and Ataturk’s Mansion (a picturesque hillside retreat), visit Ortahisar Mosque (a Comneni cathedral in the old town). In the afternoon we will explore the cobbled stone streets of Trabzon. Drive to Boztepe; enjoy your tea from samovar with the panoramic view of the city. We will visit Lake Sera then back to your hotel, overnight in Trabzon.

Day 16- Trabzon-Sumela Monestary – Zigana – Karaca Cave ( B )

Breakfast then depart for Sumela Monastery, we will visit the 4th century Sumela Monastery which clings to a sheer cliff face in a forest, relax beside a flowing stream at Altindere Valley National Park, we will drive along the Silk Road through the Zigana Mountains  which will take us to Karaca Cave , considered to be the most beautiful cave in Turkey for its colors and formations. End of the day overnight in Trabzon.

Day 17- Ayder Tour ( B  )

We pick you up from your hotel at about 09:30am, the first stop on the tour will be Surmene; famous for handmade knives. Next, we will see how fabrics are woven in tradational looms, we will visit the tea groves at Ziraat Botanic Garden in Rize.

After stopping for a tea break near the historical old Ottoman Stone Bridge in Storm Valley, we will reach to Ayder highland. Enjoy your free time in here to discover the Ayder highland. Enjoy your day by sitting on the grasses and watching the mountains full of trees, breathe the forest smell, taste the local foods being cooked over the tradational stoves of the local restaurants. End of the day drive back to Trabzon by watching all these beautiful greeneries of Black Sea, arrival and transfer to your hotel in Trabzon.

Day 18- Uzungol Tour ( B )

We pick you up from your hotel at about 10:00am and drive to Uzungol , we will be visiting a horse farm and tea factory on our way to Uzungol. It was declared as a Nature Park due to its rich flora, stunning wildlife and outstanding natural beauty. Everywhere is covered with spruce trees, an impressive array of wildlife exists with species such as roe deer, wild boar, bear, badger, lynx, birds of prey, and trout as well as various kinds of reptiles.

End of the tour transfer to airport and flight to Istanbul, arrival and transfer to your hotel,overnight in Istanbul.

Day 19- Istanbul-Half Day Bosphorus Tour ( B )

After having your breakfast at your hotel, you will be picked up for a half day morning bosphorus tour to have an unforgettable day. You will have a chance to see;

Spice Market, Golden Horn, City Walls then you will take an unforgettable

Bosphorus by Boat, the boat tour is done between two continents, full of  the most expensive pavillions and palaces. It finishes at about 12:30 then drop to your hotel, free afternoon on your own, overnight in Istanbul.

Day 20- Istanbul ( B )

After breakfast, our tour concludes and we say good  bye to our new friends and according to your  international flight we transfer you to airport and say  ” have a good flight ”.


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