Rugs, carpets and kilims from Istanbul, Turkey
Most people like to take souvenirs at the end of their holiday to remember the places visited. They remind us of destinations that we enjoyed and loved.
Turkey has original souvenirs that will not only be a reminder of your travels, but they also look great at your home.
Shopping with one of the biggest bazaars in the world, some of the best fashion boutiques and a thriving arts scene, shopping in Turkey is an enriching affair. Whether you’re buying or window shopping, indulging in a little retail therapy in Turkey is a fun experience.
It’s a good idea to check with your local customs officials to ensure that you are able to bring certain items back into your home country. You might get lost in the bazaars of Turkey while shopping or window shopping and you may easily spend hours by looking at the windows of the shops.
Best Things to Buy in Turkey
Hand Woven Carpets
Carpets and kilims were part of Turkish nomadic households a thousand years before the Turks settled in Anatolia and lived in houses instead of tents and yurts
Turkish carpets are a worldwide phenomenon and represent centuries of artistic tradition woven into a beautiful work of art. Bargain as best as you can to get a good price, but keep in mind that craftsmanship this good demands to be rewarded with a fair price. Try and find an authentic seller via word of mouth as fake, inferior quality carpets are out there.
Professional collectors flock from all over the world to purchase a Turkish carpet because they are known for expert artistry and quality. Turkish women spend many months making a carpet that will vary in size from the small prayer mats to the huge carpets for large living rooms.
The symbols on each carpet also represent local and traditional beliefs so do not just purchase one depending on the color. Sadly, there are also carpet shops that sell fakes but portray them as original. These carpets are often made in China. Since this is a big decision to make, please contact us if you want to buy carpets and we can give some handy tips on how to recognize the fakes from the originals.
Turkey’s artisan-made gold and silver earrings, rings and bracelets are good buys – with bazaars, boutiques, museum gift shops and silversmiths offering a wide range of designs from modern to Ottoman-inspired. You may also find some fake cheap items mainly silver looking metal items. Turkey is a good place to look for big, bold, old necklaces, brooches, clasps, belts and other items, as well as finer, more delicate modern work.
Brass and Copper
Visitors will find an assortment of brass and copper decorative objects for the home in the bazaars of Turkey. Serving platters, pitchers, trays, pots and urns will add some exotic flair to your kitchen at home.
Copper is a tradational art in Turkey where old techniques are still used to make objects. The most popular copper items are cooking utensils and jugs. In Turkey, the coppersmith trade is still very much in demand but if you do not have this advantage in your country so you may purchase a copper object while travelling in Turkey. Keep them as a kitchen ornament and a unique reminder of your time in the country.
Blue Evil Eye Beads
Turkish evil eye beads are a delightful handcrafted item with a tradition stretching back at least 5000 years. Wear them for good luck, and decorate your house and car to keep away the “bad spirits!
Turks believe that the blue evil eye wards off evil thoughts and presence. This is not a superstition taken lightly in Turkey and the evil eye can be purchased in many forms including jewelry, ceramics, key rings, and trinkets.
Turkish Delight
Everyone whoever likes sweet will enjoy the delicious tradational Turkish Delights. You may get them anywhere you like in the market sor boutique shops in Turkey but also there are some popular delight shops mainly in Istanbul. The delights come in a variety of flavors and sizes. Made from sugar and starch, it has been around since Ottoman times so you will also be indulging in a time-honored tradition.
You may many shops selling spices mainly in Spice Market, you may buy them in little grams and take home. Foody people will certainly have a great time smelling and tasting the spices that among them include examples like fresh saffron and other spices.
Turkey has been famous for excellent tileworks  since the 16th century, when the kilns of Iznik turned out some of the most beautiful work ever made. The classic İznik pieces are now classified as antiquities and may not be exported, but the master potters of Kutahya are still making excellent plates, bowls, cups, tiles and other items in the traditional way. They’re sold all over Turkey for prices from a few US dollars to several hundred, depending on the item and its quality.
Ceramics are sold in all touristic areas but if you are travelling to Cappadocia then you may see some rare items in avanos in cappadocia and you may see how a pottery is being made by the local artisans who take clay from Red river and use it to make many beautiful ornaments and plates to decorate your home.
Leather Apparel
Istanbul is the center of shopping and even some local people from other cities often travel to Istanbul only for some shopping , but all cities have shopssoft leather and suede coats, jackets, skirts, dresses, vests, hats, gloves, handbags, wallets and many other items. You may also find some good copies of expensive world brand woman bags in the markets of Istanbul for a good price.


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